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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Recent study found that going for a hike can be good for your health! But this is not something new. We all know that nature is good for us. That is why we often go for vacations in beautiful natural places. The question we have to ask however, is how much time do we need to spend in nature to be healthier? That is exactly what the researchers in the United Kingdom tried to answer.

Job security is very important - everyone knows that! Having a stable job is important to keep your mind healthy and happy. But how much work do you actually need to do to be happy? A recent study finds it takes only a day of work per week!

According to online pharmacy - Valisure -, a widely used blood pressure medicine – valsartan – contains potential cancer-causing chemicals! Valsartan is manufactured by several pharmaceutical companies and many of the companies whose valsartan is recalled by the FDA recently also appear on the agency’s list of safe medications. The companies include pharmaceutical giants like Novartis AG. The recalled happened because FDA found the medication was contaminated with possible carcinogens.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Gestational Diabetes is a kind of diabetes that occurs in women when they are pregnant. Women who do not have any history of increased blood sugar also develop this condition during the menstrual period. In general, it occurs in the middle of the menstruation especially between the 24th and 28th week of pregnancy. Such diabetic conditions during pregnancy go on their own after delivery.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Teeth discoloration is the common cosmetic dental problem most people are encountering with. Such stained or yellow colored teeth may occur genetically. Habits like smoking, drinking wines also leave their mark as a stained layer over the teeth. Likewise, heavy consumption of beverages like tea, coffee and other sugary drinks also end in yellowish teeth.

Apart from the stains and discolorations, a tooth appears yellow when the enamel is eroded and expose the underlying dentin layer which looks yellow in color.

The discolorations on the teeth can be effectively expelled with professional teeth whitening treatments. The dental bleaching products available in pharmacies and drug store also do the same job but the chemical compounds and ingredients present in them are quite harmful.