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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Denture Care Tips – Cleaning and Looking After Dentures

False teeth require a different level of care compared to natural teeth. Because dentures are made to be worn only during the day, and to be removed when you sleep, they need special attention.

The material false teeth are made from makes them delicate and for this reason, you must care for them differently than you would your natural teeth. When you give your dentures extra care, they will last longer and not get damaged.

A new set of dentures can be expensive which is only one of the many reasons why it is a good idea to look after your dentures and make them last as long as possible. The following is a list of tips to help you keep your dentures in the best possible condition.

    There are a few steps you must follow in order to properly clean dentures. Let us have a look at the main steps involved:

    Cleaning Dentures

    Prepare Your Cleaning Area

    Before you remove your false teeth for cleaning, be sure to eliminate the possibility of them breaking or chipping if accidentally dropped. You can do this by lining a sink with a towel or filling the sink with lukewarm water. When you clean your dentures above the sink, accidentally drop them will be cushioned by the towel or water preventing the potential of damage to the false teeth.

    Use The Proper Tools/Accessories

    Because dentures are made from materials that are different from natural teeth, you have to brush them with solutions and tools specially designed for false teeth. There are denture toothbrushes and denture toothpastes that do a great job of keeping your false teeth clean. If you do not have these products, you can use a soft bristle brush and a mild liquid dish or hand soap.

    Clean Them Each And Every Day

    Although dentures are not your real teeth, they are used as substitutes for them. This means that your false teeth are going to collect bacteria, small food particles and more. This is why you should keep them clean. You should clean your false teeth at least twice per day. Morning and evening cleanings are good and an extra one after meals won’t hurt them at all.

    Soak Them Every Night

    As you don’t need to be wearing your false teeth when you sleep, it is recommended that you remove them at night. This gives your gums and mouth a break from wearing fake teeth all day. It also gives you the opportunity to soak them overnight in a cleaning solution. You can use a glass of water with a solution or opt to use an ultrasonic denture cleaner for this nightly task.

    Do Not Use Bleach

    There are many kinds of denture cleaning home remedies online. Although some are actually quite good and affordable for individuals on a tight budget, others are dangerous. Using bleach to clean dentures is not recommended under any circumstances. Bleach can cause damage to the porous material false teeth are made from.

    Looking After Your Dentures

    In addition to keeping your false teeth clean, there are also some general denture and oral care matters you should attend to:

    Maintain Your Oral Health

    When you remove your dentures for cleaning, do not neglect cleaning your mouth as well. This includes gently brushing your gums, the insides of your cheeks and tongue. If you have any natural teeth in your mouth, be sure to brush and floss them regularly. Gargle with mouthwash that contains an antibacterial to assist in killing germs and freshening your breath.

    Visit Your Dentist

    Just because you now have false teeth it doesn’t mean you no longer have to see your dentist. Your dentist can identify problems developing in your mouth long before you will notice them. One important issue looked at during the exam is to monitor any potential cancerous growths that could develop in your mouth.

    Pay Attention To Fit

    One of your main concerns with dentures is the way in which they fit. Loose false teeth can create mouth and gum sores that can become infected and develop into serious problems. When your dentures start to fit differently, see your dentist. It may be a sign of changes in your gum and bone tissue. This is not always a bad thing, but should be shared with your dentist.

    Eat Properly All The Time

    Denture wearers know that certain foods are extremely difficult to eat. However, if your diet suffers because you cannot properly eat healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, you are harming the rest of your body. By ensuring that you consume a good cross-section of foods you are giving your body the selection of nutrients it requires in order to stay healthy and strong.

    Store Them Safely

    Your false teeth are fragile and should be stored properly in a storage container designed for dentures when not in use. There are many false teeth options available when storage is required. However, one important thing to note is that any time you have your dentures out of your mouth they should be resting in a water or liquid solution in order to keep them from drying out.

    In Conclusion

    When you have to replace some of your natural teeth with dentures, you have to make some changes. However, with several false teeth options at your disposal, you will be able to live a happy and healthy life. In fact, dentures have improved the lives of many. Depending on the reason for switching to false teeth, whether the result of an accident or injury, tooth decay, disease or to address some other concern, dentures are wonderful replacements for natural teeth.

    As dentures are considered dental appliances, they have to be taken care of. This includes when you wear them and when you do not. Fortunately, there are many ways to maintain their integrity and keep your oral health also in good standing.

    Dentures can be a great solution for tooth loss in any form. They will assist you in speaking and eating as well. Provided you take good care of them, your false teeth should keep you laughing and smiling for a long time.

    Guest Author: Jade Roberts

    Jade Roberts owns and operates False Teeth Options which provides valuable information and resources regarding false teeth, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry to people of all ages.

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