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Friday, March 2, 2018

5 Tips to Help Beat Your Aging Parent's Loneliness

Do you have a feeling that your aging parents could be facing loneliness? The cause of this may be due to the loss of a life partner or even loss of physical inabilities such as loss of sight and hearing. Others may include being unable to drive. At such age, many friends also pass away, and there are fewer opportunities for social engagements compared to youthful days.

Majority of these senior citizens prefer to stay in their particular homes and hence lack of social contacts with their peers. The presence of a caregiver may not make thing better as there is lack of fun and excitement that comes with having contact with agemates and friends. Their children might also be far away and this makes them keep worrying about their well being.

    Aware of the challenges aging parents undergo mature children should help take good care of them. You are not in a position to satisfy them with anything they want, but there are few things you can do to improve their well being.

    Below are 5 Tips to Help Beat your Aging Parent's Loneliness:

    Increase Your Contact with Your Aging Parents

    It is the time to increase your contact with your parents. Make sure you visit them regularly even if there is no reason for visiting. They feel good when they see their children. When you visit them, drive them around while listening to them. Take this opportunity to find out the challenges they might be facing. They will appreciate it.
    Also, remember to call your aging parents on daily basis. Increase the number of times you call them. Make sure you call them in the morning when they wake up and in the evening before they sleep.

    Taking Your Aging Parents to Social Events

    Your aging parents will enjoy social events such as concerts, theaters, comedies and others. It becomes even more exciting to them when you accompany them. With your assistance, they will be able to do things they couldn't do alone. Make sure you start with the activities they used to like most and then look for others that may interest them.

    Teach Your Aging Parents the Latest Technology

    The latest technology will improve communication with your parents. For instance, a personal computer with a camera will be a big bridge between you and your parents especially if you stay far from them. Teach them how to use the latest technology. If they are willing, they will know how to use it and find fun in using technology for communication. Through Skype, you will be able to communicate with them while you can see them and their reactions. Also, ensure they have a Smartphone where you can share picture and videos with them on a daily basis.

    Consider Engaging an Expert in Checking on Your Aging Parents Regularly

    In addition to having a caregiver to your aging parents, their health is equally important. A sickly parent finds life unbearable. Have a specific nurse and a doctor to check on their health frequently. This professional should have experience in handling older people and encouraging them. The caregiver should be able to connect with the needs of the elderly and also find social places to take your aging parents. Let the caregiver work on logistics and let him or her visit you with your parents.

    Look for Community Resources for Elders Where Your Parents Live

    Most urban and rural areas have senior citizens centers which give them opportunities to meet with peers and make new friends. These centers offer entertainment and social events. If your aging parent has never been to such centers, encourage and facilitate them to attend to the centers when they have activities and games. Making these connections for them makes the lonely elderly happier. Any other time you suspect that your elderly parents could be facing loneliness, follow the above five simple tips and you will surely beat your aging parents' loneliness.

    Guest Author: Emma Jones

    Emma is part of the community team at Greenwood Homecare who provide a range of high quality care services. Emma is passionate about improving the quality of care that elderly people receive in the UK and around the world.

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