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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today we present you with our list of top 10 common foods with high vitamin C. Hope you enjoy it!

Vitamin C Rich Foods
Vitamin C is just awesome!
Did you know that man, monkey and guinea pigs are perhaps the only species known to require vitamin C in their diet?

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, just like all the other vitamins! We need vitamin C for many good reasons, and one of them is the production of Collagen.

Collagen is a protein that accounts for 25% of the total body protein! It forms the supporting structure for blood vessels, bones etc. Without vitamin C, body doesn't produce enough collagen, and even the collagens that are produced are not strong enough to support the different structures. So, deficiency of vitamin C leads to a disease condition called Scurvy, which is characterized by bleeding gums, subcutaneous bruising, weak bones, delayed wound healing and so many other things.

So, since we humans can't produce vitamin C, the only way to make sure we get enough vitamin C is by eating lots of foods which are high in vitamin C.