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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nasty germs on mobile phones! Your mobile phones are dirtier than they look!

Mobile phones – we can’t live without them! Can we now? After all they are so nice, shiny and super clean all the time! It's like they can't harm us in any way!
But you couldn’t be more wrong! And after reading the following article some of you might just want to through your mobile phone in the bin!
Here is the fact: One in six mobile phones carry E. coli bacteria – which for your information is a type of fecal bacteria that come from human and animal feces!

This fact was found out by a very recent study done by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Queen Mary, University of London to create awareness for the Global Hand-washing Day which was on October 15th!
The researchers took 390 samples from mobile phones and hands from 12 cities in the UK.
This is what they found out:
  1. 92% of phones had bacteria on them.
  2. 82% of hands had bacteria on them.
  3. 16% of hands and 16% of phones had E. coli bacteria, which is a fecal bacteria.
And here is one more interesting fact:
95% of people said they washed their hands with soap where possible.
So based on the study results it is pretty clear that someone out there is not being totally honest about his/her hygiene habits!
The fact that 92% mobile phones had bacteria on them isn’t really as bad as it sounds. We have bacteria all around us.
Even in your own skin there are literally about 10 billions of bacteria! So the fact that mobile phones carry a large numbers of bacteria isn’t so bad unless a person is severely immunocompromised, like a terminal AIDS patient.
But what you should worry about is that 16% of the phones carry E. coli bacteria. E. coli is a fecal bacterium and can cause serious infections like:
·         Gastroenteritis
·         Urinary tract infection
·         Neonatal meningitis
·         Hemolytic-uremic syndrome
·         Peritonitis
·         Mastitis
·         Septicemia
·         Gram-negative pneumonia
So the fact that E. coli is a fecal bacterium, how do you think our mobile phones catch E. coli?
The answer is simple! People don’t wash their hands properly after using the toilet! They come out of the toilet with their dirty hands and then contaminate whatever they touch.
And that means it’s not just mobile phones that they are contaminating! So the next time you shake hands with a person think twice!
And guess what? This study was just done in the UK-a developed country! But it’s equally true for the rest of the world and the facts are more likely to be even more shocking in the underdeveloped and developing countries.
So what can you do to reduce your chances of getting infected with bacteria from mobile phones:
1.    Maintain a good personal hygiene. Always wash your hands with soap after using the toilet.

2.    Do not use your phone in the toilet, doesn’t matter whether you are texting, surfing the web or calling someone.

3.    Make it a habit to wash hands frequently.

4.    Clean you mobile phones with an antiseptic disinfectant solution, something like Dettol or Savlon

5.    Buy the following anti-microbial coated Motorola phones:
·         Motorola i835
·         Motorola i870
·         Motorola i880

These mobile phones by Motorola use latest technology to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms on them.
And if you want to find out how many germs are there on your phone right now then take this test:
So people, stay clean and clean your mobile phones as well!

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