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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Aplastic anaemia: Clinical presentation & causes of death in aplastic anaemia

Clinical presentation of aplastic anaemia:

1. Due to reduced RBC count(anaemia):
                Fatigue, Weakness, Pallor, Palpitation, Dyspnoea, Effort Angina

2. Due to reduced WBC count(leucopenia)
                Sore throat, ulceration of mouth and pharynx, malaise, fever, chills, chronic skin infection, recurrent chest infection

3. Due to reduced platelets(thrombocytopenia):
                Ecchymoses, patechiae, epixtaxis, bleeding from gum and alimentary tract, menorrhage, haematuria.

Causes of death in aplastic anaemia:

1. Pneumonia

2. Septicaemia

3. Cerebral haemorrhaage.

Reference : In the making of the above article the follwing books were used:

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