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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pernicious anaemia: Lab Diagnosis and Treatment of pernicious anaemia

Laboratory diagnosis of pernicious anaemia:

 Same as the laboratory diagnosis of megaloblastic anaemia plus the following:

Special tests for pernicious anaemia:

1. Gastric juice analysis.
2. Presence of anti-parietal cell antibody in the serum.
3. Presence of anti-intrinsic factor antibody in the serum.
4. Serum gastrin level
5. Pertagastrin fast acholrhydria

Treatment of pernicious anaemia:

1. Intravenous vitamin B12 therapy

2. Symptomatic and supportive therapy

3. Follow up and early detection of carcinoma stomach

Reference : In the making of the above article the follwing books were used:

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