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Monday, September 19, 2011

Acid-Peptic Diseases: Treatment of acid peptic disease

Treatment of acid peptic disease:

Basically there are 4 approaches of treating a patient of acid peptic disease:

1.      Acid suppression by drugs that decrease acid secretion
2.      Cytoprotection(Mucosal defense enhancement)
3.      Neutralization of acid and pepsin by antacids(chemical neutralization)
4.      Eradication of helicobactor pylori by antimicrobial agents

Acid peptic diseases can be treated by using drugs of two kinds:

1.      Drugs that reduce intragastric acidity
2.      Drugs that enhance mucosal defense

Drugs that reduce intragastric acidity:

1.      Antacids
2.      H2 receptor antagonists(blocker)
3.      Proton pump inhibitors

Drugs that reduce enhance mucosal protection

1.      Sucralfate
2.      Prostaglandin Analog
3.      Bismuth compounds

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